Downspout Filter - Leaf Eater

Leaves and other particulates are kept from continuing down the downspout with this large downspout filter unit. Debris lands on the angled screen and is washed off the front of the downspout filter.

  • Larger unit than the Leaf Beater: 7.5" deep x 10.75" across x 11.25" tall.

  • Lead Free PVC that can be painted

  • Available in 3" and 4" diameter round base only

  • Screen is removable for servicing.

Leaf Eater Downspout Filter from Australia
LeafEater Advanced downspout filter

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This design permits leaves and debris to exit the downspout and it may have a 'splash factor'. You still have to ensure that the leaves and gutter waste are removed for this unit to work effectively.

The bottom of this downspout filter is either 3" or 4" in diameter. Use standard USA PVC parts to connect to this downspout filter.

This downspout filter is manufactured in Australia from paintable, lead-free PVC.  logo

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